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Interview: Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman truly has led a double life worth emulating. One life is characterized by a fierce competitiveness on the field, and another life is characterized by a generous heart of compassion when he steps off the field. A Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears whose reputation in the NFL is as a throwback cornerback […]

Exclusive Interview: Art Jones

Drafted in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens after graduating from Syracuse, Art is now a Super Bowl champion and a father. From his star-struck meeting with Ray Lewis his rookie year to training in full pads with his UFC champion brother Jon, Art gives us an inside look into the perspective of a […]

Exclusive Interview: Jon Jones

The first mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to be an international spokesperson for Nike, Jon started his unparalleled career in MMA striving to provide for his newborn daughter. Now a UFC champion, Jon reflects on his devout Christian lifestyle, his path to maturity and his experiences as a crimestopping hero. When we talked to your […]

Exclusive Interview: Chandler Jones

A rookie starter for the New England Patriots, under a coach well known for not starting rookies, Chandler has had the benefit of two older brothers, who are also professional athletes, to help guide his decisions and avoid common mistakes. As a first round draft pick, expectations have always been high for Chandler. From his […]

Keeping Up With The Joneses

On growing up in a competitive family… To most people, keeping up with the Joneses involves competition with a friend or a neighbor. For this extraordinary family, it means keeping up and keeping with each other. With two professional NFL players, a number one ranked UFC fighter and the loving memory of a departed sister, […]

Restaurant Reviews: Raising the Bar

13 December 2013

NoMad Restaurant – Manhattan, NY Similar to creating the sequel to a great movie, it is often difficult to keep aspects that made the original material successful while developing new concepts and a new identity. Instead of an outpost, Daniel Humm, three-star Michelin chef and owner of Manhattan’s Eleven Madison Park, has created a new destination […]

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Turks and Caicos – Provo Golf Club

06 December 2013

Your own private paradise There is such a thing as golf paradise. Imagine an island environment of Bermuda grass, swaying palm trees, pink flamingos and conchshell tee markers. Provo Golf Club in the Turks and Caicos Islands is like your own Caribbean sanctuary. Success at Provo Golf Club isn’t so much measured by your 18-hole […]

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Costa Rica

22 November 2013

Known for its Pura Vida or “pure life” lifestyle, Costa Rica is located in the exotic sector of Central America. A now popular travel destination, Costa Rica welcomes visitors to a wide range of attractions and eco-adventures. Whether planning a trip for relaxation away from the stresses of life or for days filled with exciting […]

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Simply Smart in 2013

15 November 2013

  Six steps all professional athletes should take now to build and preserve his or her wealth You may have heard the phrase, “It’s easy to get rich. But it’s harder to stay rich.” Just look at reality TV personalities as an example of how easily money can be gained and lost. Also, look no […]

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Athletes More Susceptible to Eating Disorders

08 November 2013

You would think that professional athletes, who need to be in near-perfect shape to compete, would be the last people to have an eating disorder. Yet athletes, both men and women, may be two to three times more likely to have an eating disorder than the average person, according to a 1999 study of college […]

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Is Cheating Fair Game for Prenuptial Agreements?

01 November 2013

The sports world is all aflutter with the National Enquirer’s report that Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are considering remarriage. It was also reported that, due to Tiger’s well-documented penchant for philandering, Elin and Tiger’s second marriage will only take place with a premarital agreement that includes a so-called infidelity clause: a clause that calls […]

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Nkechinyelu The Renaissance Man

25 October 2013

Different. That was always the tag associated with Nkechinyelu Peter Ezugwu. Different for his long strange name; different because he was the only tall, lanky black kid in his traditional English private school; different because he protected other children from bullies; different because, as big as he was, he would cry at the littlest of […]

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An Athlete’s Guide to Maximizing the Value of Sports Memorabilia

18 October 2013

Over the past 30 years, I have helped collectors all across the world build sports memorabilia collections, find a memento from their favorite player, or acquire a collectible to further enhance their enjoyment of sports. I have also had the chance to help people sell and monetize the memorabilia they possess. Whether it’s a collector […]

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The Trojan Horse in Your Locker Room

11 October 2013

Getting ready to work out at the fitness center? Football practice in an hour? Going to your son’s wrestling meet at the high school? Yoga class this morning? Quick, pack the gym bag! Change of clothes Flip flops for the shower, Deodorant MRSA Superbugs? Yes, your good, old gym bag is the Trojan horse that […]

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Lance Armstrong’s Fall From The Cycling Pedestal…

04 October 2013

shouldn’t tarnish his legacy of the Livestrong Foundation Lance Armstrong has admitted that he used banned performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to win his seven consecutive record-setting Tour de France titles between 1999 and 2005. Lance has been stripped of his titles by the governing body of the Tour de France, as well as the bronze Olympic […]

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