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10 Great Sports Movies for Dating

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You want to watch an ESPN 30-for-30 film. Your date is interested in seeing Pretty Woman for the 50th time. One of two things ends up happening: You either split-up, and go into different rooms to watch what each of you wants, or one of you gives in, eventually falling asleep during the undesired show you’ve been forced into.

When it comes to watching a movie with a date, why not go for something in between? There are so many great flicks that include plenty of sports footage, action, and a love story with enough romance to surely give you a heartfelt smile and perhaps even a good, healthy cry! Here are our picks for the top ten best movies to watch with your significant other.

10.   Just Wright (2010):

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie with Queen Latifah that I didn’t like, and that includes Just Wright, the story of Leslie, played by Queen Latifah, a lonely physical therapist. Her tough practices and inspiring words help get injured NBA star Scott McNight, played by the adorable Common, back on the court. Of course, the two characters fall in love, making this movie almost more of a chick-flick than a sports movie. But guys, you still get to see footage of real NBA games, with real players!

9.       The Cutting Edge (1992):
What happens when a tough, womanizing, professional, hockey player and a wealthy, spoiled bratty, figure skater pair up to compete as a team in the Olympics; an unforgettably romantic skating movie that will have you tearing up and saying “aww” a lot. Kate, played by Moira Kelly, and Doug, played by D.B. Sweeney, have amazing chemistry in The Cutting Edge. They go from initial dislike for each other, to friends, to hating each other and then eventually to falling in love. The benefit for guys: you get to see girls in those cute, little skating outfits!
8.       The Blind Side (2009):
One of the most inspirational, feel-good movies I think I’ve ever seen is with amazingly
talented performances by Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron. Based on a true story, The Blind Sideis about a wealthy family who takes in a homeless boy and treats him like their own. Michael Oher, played by Aaron, eventually becomes an All-American football player and a first round NFL draft pick. One word: wow!

7.       One on One (1977):
Take a look into the politics of college basketball recruiting and coaching and, at the same time, enjoy an incredibly sweet romance between a naïve, small-town number-one freshman recruit and his intellectual tutor. One On Onewill truly inspire you. And you’ll be rooting for Henry, played by Robby Benson. Henry perseveres to keep his scholarship through an intense training regimen and the help of Janet, played by Annette O’Toole, the woman he’s falling for. One on One was released in theaters 35-years-ago and I’m still drooling over Robby Benson!

6.       Brian’s Song (1971):
Another winner from the seventies is Brian’s Song, the truth-based football movie about the bond of Chicago Bears teammates, Brian Piccolo and Gayle Sayers, and the tragedy of Piccolo’s fight with cancer. Brian’s Songis a movie about strength, courage, loss, and true friendship. I’ve probably seen this movie a-hundred-times and I still cry every single time. I guarantee you guys out there will shed a couple tears. That’s okay! Girls like a sensitive man.
5.       The Fighter (2010):
What a movie The Fighteris! This action packed, suspenseful drama is the truth-based story of Micky Ward, played by the always-adorable Mark Walhberg, and his struggle in the 1970’s boxing world. The casting, in this movie, is amazing! Ward’s drug addicted half-brother and trainer, Dicky is played by Christian Bale. Melissa Leo is outstanding as his mom and Amy Adams, who plays Ward’s girlfriend, is unforgettable. And guys, your girl will love the tender love story mixed into this intense, dramatic boxing flick.

4.       The Bad News Bears (1976):
Laugh out loud! The Bad News Bears is a hilarious, heart-warming, baseball comedy about a broken-down, ex-minor league ball player who takes a job coaching a team of misfit little league players.  Morris Buttermaker, played by the brilliant Walter Matthau, initially takes the job for the cash, but ends up with determination and strength he didn’t know he still had. He takes his adorable team members all the way to the championships. At the end of this movie, my cheeks always hurt from smiling so much!

3.       Bend It Like Beckham (2002):
You don’t have to be a big soccer fan to fall in love with this cute, romantic comedy about an Indian girl with a very religious, traditional family, who wants her to settle down, get married and become a good Indian wife versus living her dream of playing professional soccer. Jess, played by Parminder Nagra, is an amazing heroine whose passion and perseverance for playing her favorite sport will have you rooting for her, both on and off the field. And for the ladies, a love triangle between Jess, her best friend, played by Keira Knightley, and their extremely hot coach, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, gives Bend It Like Beckham, that true chick flick feel.

2.       Rocky (1976):
I don’t really know any guy or girl who doesn’t absolutely love this classic, boxer movie written by Sylvester Stallone, an unknown at the time. The movie won an Oscar for best picture. Possibly one of the most inspiring sports movies of all time, Rockyis the story of an unknown boxer, played by Stallone, who gets a chance at the title by being the fluke choice of the reigning champion. And while Stallone is preparing for the fight of his life, he’s also finding love for the first time. There you go, Ladies. A love story too! Rockyis about determination, persistence, love, and believing in yourself, especially when no one else does.

1.       Jerry Maguire (1996):
Hey, Tom! You’ve had me at “Hello” since I was sitting in a theater watching Jerry Maguiresixteen- years ago! This is our pick for the all-time best sports movie to watch with a girl. Why? Because this is a great football movie with insight into the slimy business of sport agencies. Plus, it’s a love story at its finest. The movie, Jerry Maguire, has heartfelt humor, wit, and sentiment. Great relationships between characters, like Jerry, played by Tom Cruise and his one client, Rod Tidwell, played by Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., develop. There’s also the relationship between Jerry, Dorothy, played by Renee Zellweger, and her overbearing sister, Laurel, played by Bonnie Hunt.  Bonnie Hunt was a great casting choice! The scene where Jerry finally realizes all his hard work has paid off, still brings tears to my eyes. This is possibly Cruise’s best movie ever. Besides pure entertainment, if you want a movie that will motivate you to no end, rent Jerry Maguire.

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