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Interview: Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman truly has led a double life worth emulating. One life is characterized by a fierce competitiveness on the field, and another life is characterized by a generous heart of compassion when he steps off the field. A Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears whose reputation in the NFL is as a throwback cornerback […]

Exclusive Interview: Art Jones

Drafted in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens after graduating from Syracuse, Art is now a Super Bowl champion and a father. From his star-struck meeting with Ray Lewis his rookie year to training in full pads with his UFC champion brother Jon, Art gives us an inside look into the perspective of a […]

Exclusive Interview: Jon Jones

The first mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to be an international spokesperson for Nike, Jon started his unparalleled career in MMA striving to provide for his newborn daughter. Now a UFC champion, Jon reflects on his devout Christian lifestyle, his path to maturity and his experiences as a crimestopping hero. When we talked to your […]

Exclusive Interview: Chandler Jones

A rookie starter for the New England Patriots, under a coach well known for not starting rookies, Chandler has had the benefit of two older brothers, who are also professional athletes, to help guide his decisions and avoid common mistakes. As a first round draft pick, expectations have always been high for Chandler. From his […]

Keeping Up With The Joneses

On growing up in a competitive family… To most people, keeping up with the Joneses involves competition with a friend or a neighbor. For this extraordinary family, it means keeping up and keeping with each other. With two professional NFL players, a number one ranked UFC fighter and the loving memory of a departed sister, […]

The Athlete’s Foot: Healthy Performance From The Bottom Up

27 September 2013

For professional athletes, healthcare starts at the bottom. Athletes are on their feet throughout a game, match, or performance, whether they’re running, jumping, kicking, dancing, sprinting, skating, or skiing. Their feet not only bear their full body weight, but the stress on them during a game can reach as much as 20 times the person’s […]

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Cookin’ With The Stars

06 September 2013

It was early. Looking at Lance’s sleepy face made me yawn. His better half smacked my arm. “Stop that!” Waiting in the green room of Chicago’s WGN television studios, we watched the early morning news, chatted about current events in the local newspaper and discussed Lance’s interest in cooking. Lance cooks almost every night, getting […]

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Protection at play: Innovation in Football Helmets

30 August 2013

As the parent of a high school football player who suffered a minor concussion two years ago and as a huge football fan, it’s both reassuring and fascinating to observe the advancements being made in helmet technology. Most of us have heard recent stories about how concussions have caused significant health problems for retired professional […]

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How Food Sensitivity is Improving Athletic Performance

23 August 2013

The ALCAT test, a blood test that athletes look forward to To improve athletic performance, it helps to know how foods affect your own unique biochemical makeup and how to avoid the foods you do not tolerate. antigen leukocyte antibody test (ALCAT) is a simple, highly accurate blood test that can identify your personal trigger […]

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The Zone

26 July 2013

A Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back sits in an easy chair by a computer watching a movie with electrodes attached to his scalp. As he is watching the movie, the screen changes in size, giving him feedback as to when his brain is in The ZONE. This professional football player realized that his mind was keeping […]

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Creatine: The No Brainer

19 July 2013

Increasing performance through physical and mental capacity Similar to helmets and pads, athletes need protection to prevent injury and maintain performance in the game. But what most athletes do not focus on is the internal protection, or what their own bodies can do for them to heal and recuperate. Creatine, being one of the most […]

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Speak Softly And Carry The Hardest Bat

12 July 2013

Legendary Louisville Slugger released its MLB Prime bat for the 2013 season, conceptualized in response to pro player feedback; it was developed to be the hardest bat ever manufactured. This potentially disruptive innovation is representative of the company’s historical commitment in producing the best bats on the market through listening to its customers. A tradition […]

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Alexis Levi…Shattering The Glass Backboard

26 June 2013

The first African American woman to own a men’s professional basketball team, Alexi Levi was the General Manager, CEO and Owner of the Las Vegas Stars Basketball Team with the International Basketball League (IBL) in 2007 and 2008. The Las Vegas Stars earned the IBL’s record for scoring more than 200 points in a game […]

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June 14th and 15th – Jason McKie Golf Benefit in Lincolnshire, IL

13 May 2013


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The Locker Room Sponsoring Lance Briggs’ NorCal All-Star Football Camp

02 May 2013

The Locker Room is excited to sponsor Bears Linebacker Lance Briggs’ NorCal All-Star Football Camp for girls or boys ages 8-17 on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 from 9am to 3pm (PDT) at American River College in Sacramento, CA. Campers will receive a shirt, lunch, autographs and a gift bag as well as join All-Pro Chicago […]

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