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Interview: Charles Tillman

Charles Tillman truly has led a double life worth emulating. One life is characterized by a fierce competitiveness on the field, and another life is characterized by a generous heart of compassion when he steps off the field. A Pro Bowler for the Chicago Bears whose reputation in the NFL is as a throwback cornerback […]

Exclusive Interview: Art Jones

Drafted in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens after graduating from Syracuse, Art is now a Super Bowl champion and a father. From his star-struck meeting with Ray Lewis his rookie year to training in full pads with his UFC champion brother Jon, Art gives us an inside look into the perspective of a […]

Exclusive Interview: Jon Jones

The first mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to be an international spokesperson for Nike, Jon started his unparalleled career in MMA striving to provide for his newborn daughter. Now a UFC champion, Jon reflects on his devout Christian lifestyle, his path to maturity and his experiences as a crimestopping hero. When we talked to your […]

Exclusive Interview: Chandler Jones

A rookie starter for the New England Patriots, under a coach well known for not starting rookies, Chandler has had the benefit of two older brothers, who are also professional athletes, to help guide his decisions and avoid common mistakes. As a first round draft pick, expectations have always been high for Chandler. From his […]

Keeping Up With The Joneses

On growing up in a competitive family… To most people, keeping up with the Joneses involves competition with a friend or a neighbor. For this extraordinary family, it means keeping up and keeping with each other. With two professional NFL players, a number one ranked UFC fighter and the loving memory of a departed sister, […]

Elite Health

01 May 2013

Similar to a team, the entire body works as one complete unit. Regardless of being genetically blessed, several athletes are now focusing on other aspects that may enhance their performance on the field. Areas such as nutrition, psychology and overall health have become a catalyst in distinguishing those MVPs from other players. By nature, athletes […]

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Legal Preparations Today Can Save Emotional Grief Tomorrow

11 March 2013

It is well documented and established that many professional athletes have fallen victim to economic difficulties, sometimes even having to file for bankruptcy, despite earning a great deal of money throughout their career. This revelation gets amplified when the individual becomes physically incapacitated. As a professional athlete, it is difficult to prepare for the worst […]

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How to Have an Offense That Makes The Athletes You Represent Smaller Targets

05 March 2013

On any given day, I see multiple e-mails about professional athletes’ personal lives. Today, it was an ESPN feature captioned “Tiger Woods and the Worst Divorces” in Sports. Athletes who sign contracts to play professional sports know, going in, that they are targets for opposing team members on the court or field. What they don’t […]

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On Your Side Professionally

04 March 2013

In a world of sports where marketing and consumer perception are paramount in maintaining image and brand value, it is often convenient for leagues to simply distance themselves from players involved in controversial events: convenient for the leagues and devastating for the players. Regardless of guilt or circumstance, being cut off from an income and […]

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Injuries: Coping With Not Being in the Game

25 February 2013

Coping with a sports injury, irrespective of which sporting discipline you participate in, requires both physical and psychological rehab. Sports injury recovery typically focuses on physical rehab, but it’s important to include sports psychology skills and techniques to help an athlete recover faster and learn to use physical setbacks to become a more confident and […]

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The Athlete-Entourage Partnership

20 February 2013

As social media and incessant coverage brings the athlete and the fan close together, the gap between yearly earnings pushes them further apart. It was not uncommon during the early and middle twentieth century for professional athletes to take off season work as supplemental income. As sports revenue and player salary exploded, so too did […]

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Scoonie Penn

13 February 2013

Approaching professional basketball overseas for success Wearing a red Ohio State t-shirt and black Nike basketball shorts, Scoonie Penn sat on a leather sofa inside his home near Columbus, Ohio. He shares the gorgeous, split-level structure with his beautiful wife and children. The spacious unit features five bedrooms, five baths, encased on the outside by […]

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Big Black and Bam Bam

28 January 2013

While sports coverage is what we do best, our spirit of adventure takes us on interesting sidetracks to bring you the lives of Hollywood superstars. MTV’s “Big Black” and Bam Bam spent an afternoon sporting their trademark BB/ Do Work gear for a candid interview. Making the most of the opportunities presented to them, Big […]

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Lance Briggs: Exclusive LockerRoom Q&A

18 January 2013

Lance Briggs is one of the most consistently excellent defensive players in the NFL, having been to seven straight Pro Bowls from 2005 to 2011, earning three All-Pro honors in 2005, 2006 and 2009. He was also a major part of the Chicago Bears defense that led the team to the Super Bowl in 2006, […]

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Now is The Time to “Get in the Game!”

08 January 2013

Important estate planning and other financial planning considerations for professional athletes As professional advisors, we can often find ourselves counseling clients who are at a point in their lives and their careers where they are not focused on the importance of advanced planning for themselves and their families. For athletes in particular, the focus is […]

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