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Pro Athletes Turn to Golden Tee Golf for Off-the-Field Entertainment

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Every athlete needs a mental break from the pressures of the game. Luckily, they don’t have to go far to get one because the iconic Golden Tee Golf video game has become a staple in today’s professional sports locker rooms.

The most popular coin-operated video game of all time, Golden Tee continues to expand its popularity and presence. No longer just found in neighborhood bars and pubs, Golden Tee Golf has moved into the locker rooms of sports teams like the St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers and San Francisco Giants. Superstar athlete Albert Pujols is a huge fan. Brian Wilson let’s off steam with a little Golden Tee after closing games. John Lester loves to spin a few rounds whenever he can. And nowadays Golden Tee is a must-have for athletes in their homes as well.

After all, what better way for athletes to gain additional Golden Tee practice time and a competitive edge than to own a personal machine? Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher isn’t jockeying for Golden Tee time with teammates in the locker room or fans at the bar. He plays the latest Golden Tee home edition in his game room.

The Golden Tee 2012 Home Edition is exactly like the bar version but without the commercial features such as dollar-bill acceptors and coin mechanisms. The game is perfect for homes and locker rooms. It’s a mobile 39-inch high cabinet that connects to an HDTV. Whether it’s a 42” flat panel or 50” or 60” projection screens, the unit connects quickly and easily. When not in use it, can be rolled into a corner or closet. The unit comes complete with 35 courses and all the cool little features that players have come to love.

Celebrating its 23rd birthday, Golden Tee’s cult-like following, of millions, continues to grow as its animated courses and competitive tournaments become more exciting and attract more fans every year.

Golden Tee started out as a simple idea.

In 1989, Larry Hodgson, a software engineer and passionate golfer, was growing increasingly impatient with long, Chicago winters. So he came up with a remedy: a realistic golf video game that would satisfy his urge to swing a club and feel like playing an actual round of golf. Hodgson sought the help of co-worker Jim Zielinski for ideas to design a virtual golf course. Their creative collaboration hit an immediate hole-in-one and the rest is history.

In 1995, Golden Tee 3D entered the market, and in 1997, it was named Video Game of the Year by trade publication Play Meter Magazine. Amazingly, the game was awarded the same honor for 2011, a full fourteen-years later. With the game’s realistic style of play, state-of-the-art graphics and popular tournaments, it’s no wonder that athletes love to compete against their teammates on Golden Tee’s virtual links as much as they do against competitors on the field.

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